Complete Air Quality Monitoring

Make the Invisible Visible with Vertices AQS

What Vertices Does

Indoor Air Quality Metrics

Indoor Air Quality rating that matches national and international standards.

Temperature effects comfort and productivity at home or in the office.

Continuous high levels of humidity can produce a friendly environment for mold and fungus.

Odorless and tasteless, high levels of carbon monoxide can be lethal to humans and pets.

Volatile organic compounds are harmful gases emitted into the air as a result of chemical products or processes.

Monitor the total amount of particulate matter.

Monitor the density of particulate matter concentrations.

High levels of carbon dioxide can lead to drowsiness and loss of productivity.

Vertices For Your Business

The start of any healthy building program begins with monitoring your indoor environment clean air and ventilations. Ensure your HVAC and air purification systems are working properly with Vertices AQS, plus get points for LEED, Well, and other building certification programs.

Energy usage is key for certifying LEED buildings as well as keeping ongoing costs down. Set parameters for the rest of your illumiPure disinfection suite with Vertices AQS to easily manage energy efficiency.

You can't manage what you don't measure. With Vertices AQS, receive a complete snapshot of your indoor environment that gives your employees complete confidence they are working in a healthy environment.

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The Journey Begins

Create Your Own Vertices Story

"I needed to provide a report to our schoolboard showing our air purification systems' effectiveness. Vertices AQS was able to provide data and tell the story of how our air quality purification devices were helping our students.

Plus, since adding Vertices AQS, I've reduced my energy costs of air purification by 30% by setting parameters on when the devices are in use."
Ricky Shelton
Energy Manager - Barbers Hill ISD

Vertices AQS For Your Home

The enjoyment of working from home is about working in your perfect space. Make sure the air you breathe is optimal for productivity with consistent monitoring.

Whether it’s mold spores from the HVAC system or burnt toast in your kitchen, Vertices AQS can alert you and your family to invisible threats entering your home.

With Vertices custom mobile and web application, view the conditions inside your home from anywhere in the world.

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